Davey Pit Bull

Davey Pit Bull This is a fun, unique, and high quality product. I would recommend all animal lovers get 3D printed sculptures of their pets! Great customer service as well. Read More Testimonials Taylor California Aug. 3, 2016

Archie Labrador-Rottweiler

Archie Labrador-Rottweiler Thank you so much. Archie died in 2013 and it broke all our hearts. Your sculpture is like you can reach out and touch him, it now looks so much like our gorgeous big boy and we appreciate you taking your time in doing this. Read More Testimonials Tianna WARWICKSHIRE Aug. 2, 2016

Murray Rhodesian Ridgeback

Murray Rhodesian Ridgeback

Murray Rhodesian Ridgeback I received the sculpture of our Rhodesian Ridgeback “Murray” on Saturday. It looks great. Thank you. Read More Testimonials Richard New York ArtyLobster Nov. 3, 2014