Tips for taking pictures of your pet


When taking pictures of your pet for an Arty Lobster, here are some tips you may want to follow. Please note that this is different from taking a great pet photo that you will hang on a wall. For example, we will ignore the background, so feel free to take pictures of your pet in front of that ugly wall or garden fence.



Take pictures in your pet’s “signature pose” (if any). We prefer sitting or standing poses, sitting might be simplest to keep the pet still.

About 10 Pictures

Please take at least 5 pictures, 10 or more is better, around the body, and a few around the face.


Background irrelevant

You don’t have to worry about the background on the photos, we ignore the background to focus solely on your pet.

Focus on the face

The face is the most important part, and the more pictures we have of the face, the better we can make it.

Get enough light

The more light, the better we can see details in the photographs. Go outside, or take pictures in a room with a lot of windows.


High quality photos

Please give us the highest resolution pictures you have, we are happy to work with up to 5Mb per picture or more.

Upload the photos

As part of the ordering process, you will be asked to upload photos. You can also email them to us.