Arty Lobster Pet Sculptures

Arty Lobster creates statues personalised to your pet from your photos

Unique sculpture capturing your own pet in full colour




  • Nugget sculpture

    I would like to thank Arty Lobster for making every effort to ensure that my dear dog Nugget’s memory will be alive with me forever through his sculpture. Phoebe was extremely patient and meticulously planned my sculpture not missing a single detail.
    Gail Berry

  • Fashion beyond Forty logo

    Arty Lobster is known for creating items that are truly bespoke and unique. Highly skilled artists create the 3D pet sculptures from customers’ photos of their pet, which are then 3D printed before being delivered to the customer.
    Marie, Pets Magazine

  • Matilda with 3D printed statueo

    It’s made of sandstone, fully colored with highlights and variations in fur tones. Matilda Jr. shares the minute details of her facial shape, her tendons, her elbows – all shrunk down. Yet I was surprised by how large and heavy it is, at 6 inches/15 cm tall.
    Little Dog Tips



A unique sculpture that looks exactly like your pet

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An Arty Lobster Sculpture is a complete copy of your pet, with all the markings and the exact body shape. It is a perfect reminder of your pet at your work desk, as a gift for a pet lover or even as a memorial of a pet that has passed away. The figurine will look great on a mantelpiece, on a desk or bookshelf.

Our artists work with all the photos of your pet, to make a pet sculpture that is almost identical to your pet. Our material needs to have a minimum thickness, so we can not model every single hair, but we are sure that you will be happy with the result.

We have created a large number of dog and cat figurines, but we have also done many horses, rabbits and other domestic pets. If you have an unusual pet, please contact us by email, and we are probably happy to do it.

I was so impressed with how much detail they were able to pick up from just a handful of photographs.

How do we make your pet statue?

We use your photos

We work from the photos you give us. Ideally the photos show your pet’s colouring as well as shape, and it is particularly important to have good photos of the face and eyes. We recommend that you send us 10 photos. If there is a particular feature that you feel is important, make sure that you have good photographs covering this area. Remember, if it is not on the photograph, we don’t know about it. Please also remember that we cannot see depth from one photo, so by capturing photos from different angles we can understand how your pet looks like.

It is helpful that the pet is in roughly the same position for all photos, you may want to give them a treat and make sure that they are not too impatient before walking around the pet taking photos. Sometimes it might help to have a friend or family member talk to the pet whilst you take photos. Click to read more about how to take photos for an Arty Lobster sculpture.


When we have received your pictures, we look at them to make sure that we have enough images to create your pet in three dimensions. If we need more photos, we will let you know, but this is very rare. Based on the photos, our artists create a 3D computer model that looks just like your pet. Our modelling team has a unique combination of skills in computer modelling, artistic ability to see and transmit the images into 3D and also the anatomical knowledge of pets to understand the photos (where are the bones, muscle etc). This goes through a few iterations with our Arty Lobster quality control team to make sure that the model is a good as possible. Areas like hair is particularly difficult to get right, but our specialist artists are able to get the best model for you.

3D Printing

When we have a good computer model, we will produce the model using 3D printing. 3D printing is actually a series of different types of production processes, Arty Lobster is not using a standard melted plastic home printer for our models. Instead we use more advanced industrial machines to produce your sculpture from the ground up. The figurine is made out of either sandstone or bronze. We use a company called Shapeways, which is the world leader in 3D printing, to create our models.

Delivery – It takes us about six weeks to design and 3D print your sculpture. We ship Arty Lobster pet figurines anywhere in the world. We charge a £3 fixed fee for shipping anywhere.

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Arty Lobster pet sculpture process

1. Take photos2. Order3. Production4. Delivery
You take 10 photos of your pet, with photos from the front, sides and back, as well as the face.You can order an Arty Lobster Sculpture online, and upload photos as part of the order process, or by post.When we receive your order, we model your pet and then 3D print it into a lifelike sculpture.We produce and deliver your product within 6 weeks, which is very fast for a custom made sculpture.

Company specialising in pet statues

Arty Lobster specialises in making sculptures of your special pet. We have been featured on BBC Local radio, Horse & Hound magazine, The Gadget Show on Channel 5, Dogs Today and Pets Magazine. We have also received coverage in 3D printing press like Shapeways blog. Also, online information sources such as The Huffington Post and The Good Web Guide has covered us. Arty Lobster is located in London, United Kingdom.

Don’t take our word for it

Pets Magazine featured us in their magazine, saying:

The sculptures are perfect for anyone who is seeking to remember a deceased pet or for those who would like a gift depicting their pet for themselves or perhaps for a pet lover’s birthday or other special occasion[…]

The result is a perfect little replica of your pet which captures even small variants in fur colour. The sculpture of Sophie even showed the white strip on her head and bib and the slight difference in colour on her feet compared to the rest of her body. The sculpture seemed to capture the cheeky look in her eyes, and the texture and contours of her fur and build. Even her chubbiness was captured perfectly!

Pets Magazine

Arty Lobster products

Full colour sandstone statues

Most of Arty Lobster pet sculptures are made from our full colour sandstone material. After creating a full colour computer model, we actually 3D print your pet in full colour using quite an advanced 3D printer. The result is a statue that shows off your pet in glorious full colour. You can have the full colour sculpture in either standard and large sizes. The standard size is 14 cm (c. 5.5 inches) tall when sitting (or long when standing), whilst the large sculpture is about 20 cm (almost 8 inches) tall.

Please note that this material is more fragile than a stone sculpture, and the colouring is sensitive to rain or water, so please treat this as a piece of art, not as a toy.

Bronze sculptures

This is the more traditional material. A bronze sculpture will bring that extra feel to a personalised sculpture, and it has a wonderful sheen to it. Bronze statues are not coloured or painted, there is no improving on a dog or cat in bronze. The size of our bronze sculptures are approx. 14 cm (c. 5.5 inches) tall when sitting, and we also do a large bronze figurine that is 20 cm tall.

Product NameArty Lobster pet sculptureArty Lobster large pet sculptureArty Lobster bronze pet sculptureArty Lobster large bronze pet sculptureArty Lobster porcelain pet sculpture
P&P£3 worldwide£3 worldwide£3 worldwide£3 worldwide£3 worldwide
ColourFull colourFull colourBronzeBronzeWhite
Height 14 cm20 cm14 cm20 cm12 cm
100% satisfaction guaranteeyesyesyesyesyes

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