Arty Lobster Pet Memorial

Thank you so much. Archie died in 2013 and it broke all our hearts. Your sculpture is like you can reach out and touch him, it now looks so much like our gorgeous big boy and we appreciate you taking your time in doing this.

Arty Lobster pet memorial

How to remember a loved dog or cat

Arty Lobster pet memorials are 14cm tall or long statues in sandstone or bronze, made to look exactly like your pet. We can make the statue in your pet’s favourite pose, so that you can remember them forever. Our lifelike statues are perfect for the desk or mantelpiece.

We do not do urns or items to store your pet’s cremated ashes, and we do not do garden ornaments or gravestones, we only do pet sculptures. Our personalised pet sculptures will remind you of your pet and help you deal with the loss long after the cremation or burial.

How do I know the sculpture will look like my pet?

You can look at some of the testimonials to see examples of dogs, cats and other animals, and how the pet sculptures turned out. We believe that you will be very happy with your Arty Lobster product, but as an added comfort, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the pet sculpture, you can return it to us for a full refund. We want you to be happy and recommend us to your friends.

Simple process

Ordering an Arty Lobster pet statue is very simple. After ordering and paying, you will be asked to upload photos to our site. We will need 5-15 photos (the more the better) of your pet. It is great if you have some photos of the face, and various photos of the body from different angles. We understand that these pictures might be taken at different times and with different light. That is fine, our artists will be able to make a good model from them. Four to six weeks after you have given us the photos, we will send you the statue.

If you only have paper photos of your pet, we can use those too. If you mail the photos to us with a cheque, we can create the pet sculpture for you. Please remember to include contact details (phone, delivery address) and the name and breed of your pet.

Are my pictures good enough?

We are usually able to create a good pet memorial even with very few images. For example, we created a dog memorial for a customer who only had two photos. In that case, we sent images of the model to the customer, to make sure that the figurine we made was the dog he remembered. If you are not sure if the pictures are good enough, you can always contact us and give us the photos first. We can look at them and tell you if we believe we can do a good job. But do not worry, if you order a pet statue and upload pictures, but we do not think we can do it, we will let you know and refund the money.