How do you deal with losing your cat, or maybe having to make the terrible decision to put your cat to sleep? Nothing can prepare you for the sense of loss or the guilt, yet we all know that this is an almost inevitable outcome of getting a feline companion.

Cat sculpture

How cat owners deal with cat loss

Cats Protection has done some research about cats and grief, and here are some of the information they found.

Over 55% of owners would describe themselves as being very upset or extremely upset by the death of their cat.

It takes more than a year to grieve for one quarter of all cat owners, but more than a third of all cat owners believe that there is not enough support to help with the grieving process. Many also said that they were worried to talk about the loss of their cat, as they felt that others would think that they are over-reacting.

Almost 80% of cat owners have no plans for their pet should they pass away.

Ideas to help you deal with grief

To help you overcome your loss, here are some ideas you might want to consider:

1. Accept that grief is a natural and necessary process
It is perfectly natural to grieve, and to need time to get through it. Each person will deal with grief in their own way and in their own time. Don’t look to your partner or to someone you know who doesn’t seem to take their cat loss as hard as you – just accept the feelings of grief as you have them.

2. Celebrate your cat’s life
Think about all the happy memories and great times you had together. Look at photographs and maybe your cat memorial sculpture.

3. Take time alone – if necessary
Sometimes it is necessary to just be alone for a bit, to deal with thoughts and grief

4. Find someone to talk to
Whilst being alone is sometimes the right answer, finding someone to talk to can also be helpful. Find someone who doesn’t judge, but is just happy to listen to you.

5. Ask for help
If you really find that you are not able to cope, and that the grief is too much to bear, consider talking to a bereavement service. One example is Blue Cross’ pet bereavement support.

Losing your cat and dealing with grief