Arty Lobster sighthound sculpture process

Sighthound Sculptures by Arty Lobster

We create a unique figurine of your pet and we ship it around the world. You only need to give us 5-10 photos.

How we create a lifelike sculpture of your sighthound


This page lists sighthounds following the FCI (International Federation of Dogs) classification. This classification is slightly different from the UK’s Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club.

Longhaired Sighthounds

Afghan Hound



Roughhaired Sighthounds

Irish Wolfhound


Shorthaired Sighthounds

Spanish Greyhound

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Arty Lobster Greyhound sculpture

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Arty Lobster Whippet sculpture

Italian Greyhound

Hungarian Greyhound


Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound)

Chart Polski (Polish Greyhound)

Sighthound Crosses

Many sighthounds are not purebreed, but mixed with one or more other breeds to create a cross. At Arty Lobster, we love cross-breeds, because this is where our attention to detail and personal modelling works best. We know what to expect with a standard breed, but we will look at the pictures you give us a make sure that we really are modelling your specific dog.

Sighthound memorial sculptures

If you have recently lost your sighthound, we know how soul destroying this can be.

As we can work with your pictures, we are able to create a memorial sculpture of your greyhound, whiptet or other sighthound even after your dog has passed away. In fact, many of our sculptures are ordered by people who want to remember their wonderful companion.


Personalised Dog Statue

Arty Lobster makes a beautiful full colour sculpture of your dog, from your photos. Our standard dog statue is about 14 cm or 5.5 inches tall and takes about 6 weeks to make. We offer a 100% guarantee and even a free preview of your sculpture.

As we make the dog sculpture from photos, we can also make memorial statues of a pet that has passed away.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy we will either redo the model or you can return it for a full refund.


Arty Lobster Order Process

1. Request a preview2. Give us photos3. Preview4. Production and Delivery
Click on the request preview link on top navigation to get started. We will be in contact soon to start on your sculptureYou take 10 photos of your pet, with photos from the front, sides and back, as well as the face. No need for "professional" photos.We model your pet and show a preview to you on a website. You can spin the model around and make sure you love it. You give us the go-ahead and pay.We produce and deliver your product within 6 weeks, which is very fast for a custom made sculpture.

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