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We create a unique figurine of your pet and we ship it around the world. You only need to give us 5-10 photos.

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    How we create a lifelike sculpture of your cocker spaniel


    There are so many reasons to create a cocker spaniel sculpture. They are perfect gift for friends and family and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immortalise your young puppy, or a lasting memorial for a beloved cocker spaniel.
    9 tips for cocker spaniel figurines:

    1 What are they made from?

    Many materials for sculpture creation are on offer. Bronze, plastic/resin, porcelain and stone are the top four materials. Bronze casting takes two forms, the “pure “cast being the most expensive (that’s where the sculptor uses a wax model with the heat resistant mould that is burned off when molten bronze is poured). Called cast bronze which uses resin and powdered bronze and is the cheaper bronze method. We have all seen porcelain figurines in the shops. Stone ones are not as popular but still widely available. Plastic is the lightest and cheapest material, and is usually mass-produce.

    2. Ready-made and Custom-made.

    Cheap, mass produced Cocker spaniel figurines are easy to get hold of and often are made in China.

    There may be an artist or in your local area who can personally sculpt your cocker spaniel for you. At Arty Lobster, the artists use photos to create the sculpture digitally. The final product is printed in the UK or Netherlands. Professional “craftsman” ensure that every stage of the process is managed for a superior product.

    3. How big or small should it be?

    Depending on where you want your cocker spaniel sculpture to go, you could either have it life-size to go in your garden, for example, or 5 to 10 cm to allow it to fit on a shelf or mantle.

    4. How long should I wait? /Will it take months to make?

    This all depends on where you buy your cocker spaniel figurine. It can be delivered very quickly online from retailers like Amazon for shops like John Lewis. A bronze cast will take 3 to 6 months to prepare. In 4 to 6 weeks Arty Lobster can create your cocker spaniel sculpture.

    5. How much should I expect to pay?

    A genetic cocker spaniel ornament will cost under £10. An artist working in bronze may charge upwards of £3000. Arty lobster figurines start at £195 for a full colour Cocker spaniel sculpture using the most advanced 3D printing techniques.

    6. My cocker spaniel is special.

    In the past, cocker spaniels were first and foremost prized for their ability to work, usually helping with game. Some owners preferred a subtle single colour of coat, as the dog would be harder to spot for the game, whilst other preferred multi-coloured or roan coats that would make the cocker spaniel easier to spot for the hunters.

    The initial breed standards for cocker spaniels were set by the hunters who used their cockers, but has been subtly altered over the years. The current official breed standards are as follows: FCI (the international association for dogs), The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

    Nowadays, the cocker spaniel can be a large number of colours, whether solid, bicolour, tricolour or roan, as well as have other markings such as tan mask & trim. The coat should be flat and silky (never curly). At Arty Lobster, our colour sandstone material is matte stone, but our artists are very good at creating the colours and the beautiful flowing coat of your cocker spaniel.

    7. My cocker spaniel is a cross. What now?

    That’s where Arty Lobster comes in. We can use pictures of your cross cocker spaniel and can re-create any distinctive markings or features of your dog which cannot be seen in any sculptures you would buy in a shop.

    Here are some of the most common cocker spaniel crosses, along with the Arty Lobster pages that can show you images of these other breeds:

    8. Read the testimonials.

    If you are at all unsure about placing an order with Arty Lobster, please read through all our testimonials you will see that our customers are very satisfied with our product and we hope you will be too. If you are not, we will stand by our no quibble money-back guarantee.

    9. Quality

    Our process is carefully managed and this insures that each piece is unique and your cocker spaniel sculpture will look like a miniature of your beloved pet. Imperfections can quite often be found in high volume mass-produce products, Whereas your individually crafted of cocker spaniel sculpture will have had dedicated teams of specialist looking over the whole creation process.


    Cocker Spaniel memorial sculptures

    If you have recently lost your cocker spaniel, we know how souldestroying this can be.

    As we can work with your pictures, we are able to create a memorial sculpture of your cocker spaniel even after your dog has passed away. In fact, many of our sculptures are ordered by people who want to remember their wonderful companion, and you can read the testimonial about Bonnie who was a Cocker Spaniel Cross.

    Personalised Dog Statue

    Arty Lobster makes a beautiful full colour sculpture of your dog, from your photos. Our standard dog statue is about 14 cm or 5.5 inches tall and takes about 6 weeks to make. We offer a 100% guarantee and even a free preview of your sculpture.

    As we make the dog sculpture from photos, we can also make memorial statues of a pet that has passed away.

    We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy we will either redo the model or you can return it for a full refund.


    Arty Lobster Order Process

    1. Take photos2. Order3. Production4. Delivery
    You take 10 photos of your pet, with photos from the front, sides and back, as well as the face.You can order an Arty Lobster Sculpture online, and upload photos as part of the order process, or by post.When we receive your order, we model your pet and then 3D print it into a lifelike sculpture.We produce and deliver your product within 6 weeks, which is very fast for a custom made sculpture.

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    our customer says…

    Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.57.43

    Monty Cocker Spaniel

    Just to let you know that our sculpture arrived today. It is beautiful, thank you very much. The likeness is amazing, it is a perfect little image of Monty.
    Thank you also for keeping in contact throughout, your service has been excellent.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.01.39

    Pippin Patterdale Cross

    I am extremely pleased with my sculpture that I had specially made for my grandmothers birthday. The sculpture is of her dog Pippin who is 15 years old so she’s an old girl and she’s been feeling her age recently so, I thought it would be a lovely memory to have of Pippin whilst she’s still with us and also for when she isn’t. I couldn’t believe how much it actually looked like Pippin, it had all the fine details that I didn’t think was possible to get such as her little grey areas on her face. My grandmother was delighted with her present and I will definitely be purchasing from Arty Lobster again in the future.

    Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.06.22

    Sophie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    I am thoroughly impressed with the results. The sculpture seemed to capture the cheeky look in her eyes, and the texture and contours of her fur and build. Even her chubbiness was captured perfectly!

    More Testimonials

    Who is arty lobster?


    Arty Lobster is a company specialises in making high quality lifelike sculptures of your special pet since early 2014. Arty Lobster was founded by Lars Andersen and is located in London, United Kingdom.

    Since our start, we have been mentioned in many mass media, as BBC local radio, ITV’s Gadget Show, Dogs Today magazine, Pets Magazine, the Independent website or Huffington Post. Several Pet bloggers around the world has posted about us too. You can take a look of what some magazines and pet bloggers say about Arty Lobster here.

    We are proud to say we have claimed as the winners of the SME Stand-Out Innovative New Product of the Year 2016.

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    Why should i choose Arty Lobster?


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      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      We pride ourselves on providing great pet sculptures. If you don’t like your statue, you can return it for a full refund. Read more about our guarantee here.

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      Unique Sculpture

      Arty Lobster makes each pet sculpture from the customer’s photos, so each sculpture is unique. There is no other pet like yours, and our sculpture is unique too.

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      Only Need Photos

      You only need 5-10 photos of your pet to order a sculpture. You only have a few photos? No worries, we will create a beautiful sculpture anyway!

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