Create a sculpture of your unicorn now!

Arty Lobster has long been making sculptures of dogs, cats and horses from photos. Customers give us 10 photos of their pet and we 3D print a unique figurine of their favorite pet in full colour sandstone.

Unicorn Sculpture by Arty Lobster

We feel that this is the time to reach out to underrepresented types of pet animals, and we are very excited today to offer sculptures of unicorns to those who have one in their garden.

All you have to do to get a sculpture of your unicorn is to take about 10 photos. Not all unicorns are white, so make sure that you cover both sides, and ideally get one closeup photo of the horn, so that we can model it properly.

Why did Arty Lobster not offer unicorn sculptures before?

Arty Lobster is hand-modelling and 3D printing each sculpture. With the thin unicorn horn, we wanted to be 100% certain that we could get all the details in the horn correctly.

We are now confident that we are able to offer a beautiful and true-to-life figurine of your favorite pet unicorn.

Can I see more photos of unicorns you have made?

As we are just launching this service, we don’t have many photos of unicorn sculptures yet. Please look back later, or have a look at our horse sculpture page for ideas of how your statue could look.

We are very experienced in making full colour sculptures of other pets, so you can trust us to get a very good result for your one.

Unicorn figurine

How to order?

Just go to the order page on the Arty Lobster website, and upload the photos of your unicorn. Each sculpture costs £195 and is about 14cm / 5 1/2″ from tail to horn.

Arty Lobster unicorn sculptures now available